Project Summary

For all those who cannot own a dog around the clock Ilsa interactive is pleased enough to start on this app, BarknBorrow, which provides an innovative platform to socially connect Dog fanatics. BarknBorrow is all about setting up a connection between two categories of people, one who, despite being dog lovers, cannot afford to manage a dog 24/7 and the others who own dogs but need someone to help them with keeping it. Serving as an intact dog lover’s community BarknBorrow is an ultimate platform to fulfill your hobbies as long as dog keeping, dog borrowing, hiking with dog etc is concerned.

What We Learned

Our state of the art development tactics have always ended up in client’s satisfaction and people’s benefits. We always look for improvement and learn much from our experiences of developing the finest apps of all times. This IOS app helped in enhancing our development skills and provided us new rooms for practicing latest techniques.