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Introducing ILSA INTERACTIVE – PAKISTAN’S Leading Digital Organization

ILSA INTERACTIVE is a name of digital excellence. We are a creative team of thinkers, builders, designers, developers, leaders, promoters, dreamers, and doers. All of us under one roof are focused on changing the world through better digital experience and design. Through talent, experience, and sheer enthusiasm, we transform bold ideas into the world’s best software products.

Areas of Expertise

From creation to deployment and retention process, we do it all for our clients. To date, we have served hundreds of businesses in setting up their digital presence and accelerating growth with our exceptional services in the following niches: 

Web Development 

Whether you’re in need of a simple WordPress website to get your business online, or a more complicated eCommerce website, our web development team will help bring your vision to life.

iOS / Android Application Development

If you’re looking to leverage mobile technology for your business, our best app developers are at your service. We provide iOS and Android mobile application development services so you can reach your customers on their favorite devices.

Quality Assurance 

Whether it’s a mobile application, web application, ERP, or a complex enterprise we have the expertise to thoroughly test your application against the requirements and from end-user’s perspective as we are the experts of quality testing services in town.

UI/UX Design 

We create and adopt UI/UX design to all the popular and rare gadgets and devices, ensuring the pixel-perfect image, not at the expense of functionality. We help businesses to enhance their market position through useful and thoughtful UI/UX solutions which suit industries’ individual needs.

Search Engine Optimization 

You can get an edge on the competition with a strong, integrated strategy of Search Engine Optimization. Our SEO experts are highly expert in generating traffic over your website, bringing in more leads, and boosting your revenue with advanced SEO practices.

Branding & Marketing 

We’ve been creating meaningful branding solutions that have helped hundreds of our clients belonging to dozens of industries—from B2B to B2C, wholesale to retail, online to offline. Our services works as a catalyst to earn outstanding ROIs, creating brand awareness, and strengthen their business credibility. 

Hands-on Technologies 

ILSA INTERACTIVE works on the latest technologies with a team that is eager to learn, implement, and grow. No matter what devices the future brings, we’re building the infrastructure to deliver a seamless experience across all the existing platforms.


At ILSA INTERACTIVE, we don’t hire people, we build a family

At ILSA INTERACTIVE, we believe in a learning environment, and look for technology enthusiasts who love to know about the latest trends in the industry. We have a highly- talented team that considers company success as their own achievement. Right now, we have: 

  • 15 Engineers in iOS App development
  • 15 Engineers in Android App development
  • 15 Engineers in Backend + AWS
  • 10 Engineers in Artificial Intelligence
  • 10 Quality Assurance
  • 5 UI/UX Designers
  • 5 Business Analysts
  • 5 Branding, Marketing, and SEO Experts 

A word about the history of ILSA INTERACTIVE 

Let’s share our worthwhile journey that started from one-man army to becoming a leading digital solutions provider.    


Back in 2008, ILSA INTERACTIVE came into existence with the aim to earn its name in the competitive digital landscape. The founder and CEO of ILSA INTERACTIVE, Salman Nasir worked effortlessly to establish positive relationships with the business leaders, stakeholders, and international clients. 

Moving forward in 2010, ILSA INTERACTIVE grew into a team of 25+ developers and successfully completed their 5 products. Time went by, and with commitment and determination, ILSA INTERACTIVE worked on 15 admirable projects with a team of headcount 40+. In 2014, the company initiated a strategic partnership to scale its business. 

In February 2018, the company launched its huge project called ‘FAYVO.’ It was a big milestone and from there, ILSA INTERACTIVE got recognized in the international IT industry. Moving forward in 2021, it is a family of over 80 brilliant individuals, working in multiple departments and running enterprise-level projects. 

Until now, ILSA INTERACTIVE has worked for many reputed clients and catered to their needs with the hard work, passion, and dedication of the entire team in providing quality results. In the upcoming years, ILSA INTERACTIVE aims to grow and expand its horizons while leaving a positive impact on society by promoting core values like integrity, transparency, inclusiveness, and fulfilling corporate social responsibility.



There are multiple different verticals where ILSA INTERACTIVE plans to step in.

If you wish to ILSA INTERACTIVE as your career partner, or if you have an idea and want to bring it to life, give us a call at 042-35781977

We’ll be more than happy to serve you!

Working From Home: Is Reality Better than Expectations?

When it comes to working from home, most of us have this fantasy that it is really fun. That it is more productive and convenient. Well thanks to Covid-19, our bubbles have burst. This pandemic struck us at the beginning of this year. With millions of cases being reported every day to a dangerous amount of deaths, it had us in the clutches of fear. Hence naturally some companies shifted their operations to work from home mode. Unfortunately, some companies could not survive these tough times and shut down or had downsizing at a massive level.

After a dip in cases recently the numbers seem to be rising again along with our fears. To face these tiring times and adopting the policy of better safe than sorry, the people of Ilsa Interactive decided to shift to working from home again. However, this time we did not go under complete lockdown. Our management came to a unanimous agreement that some teams may work from home while others work in the office. This makes it easier to maintain social distancing in the office as well.

Expectation Vs Reality:

Considering the fact that we have been through this once before, it seemed right to assume things are going to be a piece of cake. However, reality always differs no matter how many times you prepare yourself for it.

The Simple Act Of Waking Up:

Like most things in life working from home have its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For starters, our imagination is that we will wake up, have morning coffee, and get right to work in the comfort of PJs. But in reality, the simple task of waking up becomes 10 times more difficult since you know you don’t have to go anywhere, you keep hitting the snooze button more than the usual amount. If that’s even possible.

Interacting With People Becomes Way More Appealing:

If you are an introvert you may think that working from home is a dream come true but like they say ‘Excess of everything is bad’. When we started working from home, being in our comfort zone seemed like heaven. Well, heaven can soon turn to hell. We take face to face interactions for granted. Asking simple questions can be difficult since the other person is not next to you and you have to go through some mode of communication. It can also get lonely.

Avoiding Distractions:

Another issue is that working from home can make you complacent. When we are in the office, the environment is buzzing. Everybody is working and has different things going on. Brainstorming, bouncing ideas, and hustling. While at home, sitting in your room and trying to work…. It ain’t easy. It is difficult to maintain the productivity level up without any external stimulations. All sorts of distractions keep popping up. From scrolling social media to checking out random facts to just staring at the wall sometimes. We have been through all that.

Tips On How To Maintain Work-Life Balance

Working in the office means that you have specific timings. You wake up in the morning and finish your shift in the evening. When you leave the office, you leave your work there. Well usually anyway. But when you are working from home, your life and work tend to merge into one. Those ‘five more minutes’ keep on extending.

It is important to maintain a healthy work-life balance for healthy living. The important step is to create a to-do list. Writing down all the tasks you have to accomplish that day. Keeping in mind that list, you should design a schedule. The most important part is sticking to it. Setting clear boundaries between your work life and personal life can go a long way.

So, there you have it. The glamorous, work-in-your-pajamas lifestyle is not for everyone’s cup of tea. But, if you’re motivated, organized, and strict in your schedule, you may find that the advantages outweigh the challenges.

Software Development: Exclusive Sneak Peek into Our Process

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

At Ilsa Interactive, success is not just completing a project. Rather, we count client satisfaction, employee motivation, and team collaboration as our success. Our goal is to deliver high-quality services to our clients. There are two components of reaching high-value results. One part is the internal side of it and for us, it means building trust and accountability in our teams and empowering them to make on-the-spot decisions. The other part is external where we strive to earn our clients’ trust.

There are some basic requirements for reaching excellence. We deliver on time and within budget. Above all, we push ourselves so that we can exceed the client’s expectations. Our software development process is based on constant improvement. Aligning our company goals and the process in which we reach them is our road map to success.

Our Baseline For Software Development

We encourage everyone on the team to share their opinions and creative ideas in order to reach maximum potential. Our designers bring their creative minds to the table and come up with unique and intuitive ideas for the design. However, our engineers are also part of the initial brainstorming sessions while designers are a part of the final development stages.

The work done before the project acts as a foundation for designing quality products. Each project starts at Sprint 0 with product and client research, a meaningful client kickoff, and a comprehensive product definition. Design and development does not begin until we have a clear understanding, definition, and roadmap of the task at hand.

Level Of Effort And Proposal

Once we identify a valuable project opportunity, the sales team initiates the LOE process along with representation from client services, design, and engineering. This is a combined effort between the sales and production teams. It enables them to understand, identify, and define the effort necessary to complete a project.

The proposal helps us pitch our software development services to a client. We let them know an estimated evaluation of the team, time, and cost required to accomplish their goals. The sales team works with team leads to determine the proper approach to each potential deal.

Statement of Work And Internal Kickoff

The statement of work (SOW) is the legal contract between Ilsa Interactive and the client. It also includes the duration of the contract, payment terms, cost, and assumptions, to boundaries for the work.

In the internal kickoff stage, the project team begins learning all the relevant details. This meeting lays the foundation for the entire project.

Project Planning And Research

The project manager and team leads define the project, detailing roles and responsibilities. The next stage is to create a comprehensive project plan to review with the in-house team and the client. Therefore the project plan acts as a guideline for the internal team and client regarding the project.

In the research phase, our complete focus is to learn and understand the project requirements, using any tools and information at their disposal. Furthermore, the team ensures they fully understand the goals of both the client and our company to ensure approval.

Production And Final Quality Analysis

Nearly all projects consist of five types of production stages: wireframes, visual design, production art, development, and quality assurance. Throughout our software development process, we ensure that our client is involved with the progress at all stages. It is important for us to ensure client approval at every stage.

Once the build is submitted to the client and released to production. QA goes through another product release test plan to ensure that no new bugs were introduced during the release process.

Support And Commitment Till The End

We take full responsibility of our process and our team commits to maintaining the tools we create to ensure quality after launch. This is done through a warranty period, outlined in the SOW. When a perceived bug is discovered in this period, the project manager transfers it to QA, who determines if the bug is covered under the warranty. If it’s deemed to be covered, QA creates a task for the development team to address.

We aim to provide quality services and ensure client satisfaction. Ilsa Interaction believes in innovation and constant improvement. To get a better understanding of our software house, check out our recipe of success.

Recipe of Success: Get a Whiff of Our Development Process

We are living in the digital age. It is important for businesses to have an online presence. There are many advantages in going digital. But a lot of people are still new to this world. A lack of information or knowledge can create confusion. Oftentimes people have great ideas but they are afraid to pursue them, due to these fears. Understanding the development process makes things easier.

Once you decide to go for a software house, it is important to understand the process of development. For instance, you have an idea for an app. Or you want to streamline the company process or you want a website to represent your business. Choosing the right software house is the next step for you. This is where we step in.

Standard Operating Procedures For Smooth Workflow

Ilsa Interactive prides itself on the quality of our services. In order to maintain quality, it is important to have standard development procedures in place. These procedures help in keeping the process of development smooth. We also keep improving and evolving them.

Standard operating procedures or SOPs reduce communication gaps. They also eliminate the scope of error.

Step by Step Overview of Project Development

Once our clients reach out to us with their requirements, we set up a meeting. In the meeting, we discuss the requirements from all angles. Our team of experienced resources provides their input and insights.

Analysis of the Project

In the next step, a thorough analysis is performed. It is a crucial step as these analyses set up the base for the project. It also identifies all the adjustments required to ensure the best results.

Dynamic Designers Takes Over

After detailed analysis, our design team steps in. They create a design according to the requirements of the client. The design step is similar to the architecture of a building as it creates an outline for the rest of the project.

We then send back the designs to our clients for their feedback. Based on the feedback, we move forward and give the green signal to our expert developers.

Our Developer Heroes Step In

Our developers use their expertise and experience to create customized digital solutions. Ilsa Interactive uses state of the art technology therefore our digital solutions are distinct and advanced. Our developers create various components of the project. Also, the functionalities are designed keeping in mind the desired results.

Once our development team is ready with the project, we forward the project to our software quality analysts.

Rigorous Testing and Quality Analysis

Our quality analysts put the software through rigorous testing. They test all the features and their purposes. Furthermore, they also come up with relevant scenarios regarding the software to ensure there are no hiccups.

If any bugs are found, they are reported back to the developers who resolve the issues. This process continues until an error-free website or app is developed.

Going Live and Maintenance

When our quality analysts give the green signal, the app or website goes live. Our in-house psychologists analyze customer feedback and responses. We keenly follow the response since it leads to enhanced results.

A maintenance process is also followed where the app or software is maintained. It is upgraded from time to time.

During this whole process, we encourage our clients to visit us. They can keep a close eye on the whole process. We look forward to their valuable input. Our software house believes in bonding with our clients and we are always in perfect synch with them. Take a look at some of our leading projects.

An ILSA Interactive Perspective: The Journey So Far

Ilsa Interactive stands upon the foundation of quality and value-driven services. We have always been 100% committed to our work and every single employee at our company delivers the best. Our belief is to provide services that truly make an impact and helps people turn their dreams in to digital realities. At Ilsa, we are not ones to turn away from any challenges or difficult projects. Once anyone comes to us with their idea, the burden now lies at our end and we always come out as winners. Or as we like to call it: Consider it Done.

We follow a detail-oriented approach at Ilsa to guarantee that our clients get their money’s worth. Our three step approach helps us achieve that: 1- Innovate, 2- Create, and 3- Deliver. We team up to figure out the solution perfect for our clients. At step 2, we jump on the driving seat and allow them to sit back to enjoy the ride. At Ilsa, we follow through our commitments to get the products ready for launch. Sounds simple, right? Not at all. There’s a lot that goes into a project: from design to its analysis; development and testing, and whatnot. Our incredible team, state-of-the-art technologies and our untiring resilience stands at the base of all our success.

Here’s an insider’s peek to Ilsa Interactive and how we get things done:

Team Ilsa – You Imagine, We Create

Businesses are changing throughout the world. The nature of business industry has become fast-paced, it’s no longer an option to adopt technology. It’s a necessity now. Enter Ilsa Interactive.

Our services are tailored to the latest needs of businesses around the globe. It’s next to impossible to achieve success without engaging the right people. This is why, we have a very careful hiring process that ensures that our people are the right fit for the job. One of our mottos: No compromises on quality! And we stand by it.

We Offer Much More than Applications & Websites

We provide app development for android and iOS. Mobile applications play a vital role in bridging the gap between your business and your target market. Above all, we make sure that the apps we develop are intuitive and user friendly, with the best user experience. Our software company designs mobile applications to the specific requirements of your business niche. Thus, one of the things we try at our company is to keep our own team updated with the latest tools and technologies. It’s our proactive approach and going-the-extra-mile attitude that has won many clients over. Sometimes, it may prove to be very challenging but we aren’t the ones to shy away from a little hardship.

App Development – Creative Teams Ready to Start

On top of applications, we are expert in creating personalized and authentic websites. Our design team along with project managers do their homework before talking to clients. Once they have gone over the requirements at their end, they come up with ideas that puts all the missing pieces together to create the bigger, more detailed picture. We believe in going above and beyond the traditional software company practices, and deliver something really creative and intuitive at the same time.

Digital Marketing – Quest for More

Internet has become the holy grail for the businesses all over the globe, it’s time everyone takes a sip from the goblet. Our goal is to deliver the best to our clients and come up with ideas that can take their businesses to the next level. This is one of the reason why we have added Digital Marketing to our Service Packs. At Ilsa, we have built our own team of marketers who believe in working smart. We set up a series of meetings and brainstorming sessions. All this helps us in developing a social media strategy that will help clients build their brand identity and convert their potential customers into loyal customers.

Working With the Best for the Best

Above all, we believe in connecting with our clients and not just work for them. In other words, we believe in listening and communicating with our clients. We take it upon ourselves to understand their requirements as they intend to. After which, our different teams collaborate with each other and deliver the services that truly reflect our clients’ brands.

We believe in 100% transparency and always welcome our international clients to come and visit us. They can see how our teams are dedicated to delivering their brands message through every feature and functionality. Over the years, many clients have taken us up on our offer to come and visit us in our offices and it has been a pleasure for the both of us. We plan their entire visit such that they have a taste of both work and fun. Our clients sit through team meetings, brainstorming sessions to discuss the progress of their products.

However, it’s not all work and no play. We take care of their leisure time as well so they can experience the fun side of their teams and enjoy their visits to the fullest. They are able to discuss their requirements with our team of experts in addition to also enjoying the culture of our beautiful city.

Our Secret of Success – Our Team

Our team is a creative bunch of people, coming from different backgrounds with varying skills and talent. We have employees with experience ranging from 10 years to 20 years, a glimpse of the industries themselves. Their complete dedication to their work and career has led them to learn the nitty-gritty parts of their professions, something that only comes with experience. At Ilsa Interactive, we encourage an environment of growth and continuous learning so that we are always relevant to the ever-changing tech industry.

Over the years, we have faced a lot of challenges and hurdles but we have always come out stronger. We take pride in our 100% commitment to our work and hope to move forward in the coming years: stepping towards a brighter future.


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