Recipe of Success: Get a Whiff of Our Development Process

By Ayesha Farooq | November 17, 2020

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We are living in the digital age. It is important for businesses to have an online presence. There are many advantages in going digital. But a lot of people are still new to this world. A lack of information or knowledge can create confusion. Oftentimes people have great ideas but they are afraid to pursue them, due to these fears. Understanding the development process makes things easier.

Once you decide to go for a software house, it is important to understand the process of development. For instance, you have an idea for an app. Or you want to streamline the company process or you want a website to represent your business. Choosing the right software house is the next step for you. This is where we step in.

Standard Operating Procedures For Smooth Workflow

Ilsa Interactive prides itself on the quality of our services. In order to maintain quality, it is important to have standard development procedures in place. These procedures help in keeping the process of development smooth. We also keep improving and evolving them.

Standard operating procedures or SOPs reduce communication gaps. They also eliminate the scope of error.

Step by Step Overview of Project Development

Once our clients reach out to us with their requirements, we set up a meeting. In the meeting, we discuss the requirements from all angles. Our team of experienced resources provides their input and insights.

Analysis of the Project

In the next step, a thorough analysis is performed. It is a crucial step as these analyses set up the base for the project. It also identifies all the adjustments required to ensure the best results.

Dynamic Designers Takes Over

After detailed analysis, our design team steps in. They create a design according to the requirements of the client. The design step is similar to the architecture of a building as it creates an outline for the rest of the project.

We then send back the designs to our clients for their feedback. Based on the feedback, we move forward and give the green signal to our expert developers.

Our Developer Heroes Step In

Our developers use their expertise and experience to create customized digital solutions. Ilsa Interactive uses state of the art technology therefore our digital solutions are distinct and advanced. Our developers create various components of the project. Also, the functionalities are designed keeping in mind the desired results.

Once our development team is ready with the project, we forward the project to our software quality analysts.

Rigorous Testing and Quality Analysis

Our quality analysts put the software through rigorous testing. They test all the features and their purposes. Furthermore, they also come up with relevant scenarios regarding the software to ensure there are no hiccups.

If any bugs are found, they are reported back to the developers who resolve the issues. This process continues until an error-free website or app is developed.

Going Live and Maintenance

When our quality analysts give the green signal, the app or website goes live. Our in-house psychologists analyze customer feedback and responses. We keenly follow the response since it leads to enhanced results.

A maintenance process is also followed where the app or software is maintained. It is upgraded from time to time.

During this whole process, we encourage our clients to visit us. They can keep a close eye on the whole process. We look forward to their valuable input. Our software house believes in bonding with our clients and we are always in perfect synch with them. Take a look at some of our leading projects.