Working From Home: Is Reality Better than Expectations?

By Ayesha Farooq | November 23, 2020

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When it comes to working from home, most of us have this fantasy that it is really fun. That it is more productive and convenient. Well thanks to Covid-19, our bubbles have burst. This pandemic struck us at the beginning of this year. With millions of cases being reported every day to a dangerous amount of deaths, it had us in the clutches of fear. Hence naturally some companies shifted their operations to work from home mode. Unfortunately, some companies could not survive these tough times and shut down or had downsizing at a massive level.

After a dip in cases recently the numbers seem to be rising again along with our fears. To face these tiring times and adopting the policy of better safe than sorry, the people of Ilsa Interactive decided to shift to working from home again. However, this time we did not go under complete lockdown. Our management came to a unanimous agreement that some teams may work from home while others work in the office. This makes it easier to maintain social distancing in the office as well.

Expectation Vs Reality:

Considering the fact that we have been through this once before, it seemed right to assume things are going to be a piece of cake. However, reality always differs no matter how many times you prepare yourself for it.

The Simple Act Of Waking Up:

Like most things in life working from home have its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For starters, our imagination is that we will wake up, have morning coffee, and get right to work in the comfort of PJs. But in reality, the simple task of waking up becomes 10 times more difficult since you know you don’t have to go anywhere, you keep hitting the snooze button more than the usual amount. If that’s even possible.

Interacting With People Becomes Way More Appealing:

If you are an introvert you may think that working from home is a dream come true but like they say ‘Excess of everything is bad’. When we started working from home, being in our comfort zone seemed like heaven. Well, heaven can soon turn to hell. We take face to face interactions for granted. Asking simple questions can be difficult since the other person is not next to you and you have to go through some mode of communication. It can also get lonely.

Avoiding Distractions:

Another issue is that working from home can make you complacent. When we are in the office, the environment is buzzing. Everybody is working and has different things going on. Brainstorming, bouncing ideas, and hustling. While at home, sitting in your room and trying to work…. It ain’t easy. It is difficult to maintain the productivity level up without any external stimulations. All sorts of distractions keep popping up. From scrolling social media to checking out random facts to just staring at the wall sometimes. We have been through all that.

Tips On How To Maintain Work-Life Balance

Working in the office means that you have specific timings. You wake up in the morning and finish your shift in the evening. When you leave the office, you leave your work there. Well usually anyway. But when you are working from home, your life and work tend to merge into one. Those ‘five more minutes’ keep on extending.

It is important to maintain a healthy work-life balance for healthy living. The important step is to create a to-do list. Writing down all the tasks you have to accomplish that day. Keeping in mind that list, you should design a schedule. The most important part is sticking to it. Setting clear boundaries between your work life and personal life can go a long way.

So, there you have it. The glamorous, work-in-your-pajamas lifestyle is not for everyone’s cup of tea. But, if you’re motivated, organized, and strict in your schedule, you may find that the advantages outweigh the challenges.